US: Suspended over $1.1 bn Security Assistance to Pakistan

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The US Government freezes all the security assistance of Pakistan, after the latter accused for providing “Safe heaven” to the terrorist.

Washington: The United States has suspended more than $1.15 billion security assistance to Pakistan, after accusing them for providing shelter to the terrorist groups like Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network within its border.

It comes day after President Donald Trump, in a new year tweet, accused Pakistan for fooling the US Government for past 15 years and giving nothing to the US, but “lies” and “deceit”.

Donald Trump’s Tweet:

US President Donald Trump’s tweet. Credit: TheNews7

Funds Suspended:

Among the suspended funds, the Department of Defense has suspended the entire $900 million of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) money to Pakistan for the fiscal year 2017. Besides, $255 million in Foreign Military Funding (FMF) for the fiscal year 2016 was also suspended.

However, the Department of Defense Spokesperson Lt Col Mike Andrews told PTI that among the suspended $900 million for Pakistan in CSF, $400 million can only be released if the Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis certifies that the Pakistan government has taken specific actions against the Haqqani Network.

According to another senior administration official, the U.S. will also not deliver any military equipment or transfer security related funds to Pakistan unless required by law.

The State Department Spokesperson, Heather Ann Nauert said that, the decision should not come as a surprise for the Pakistan’s Government, as the US officials has constantly showed their concerns over Pakistan’s unwillingness to counter terrorism.

“They may say it’s a surprise, but what is no surprise is that the President has expressed his concerns, Secretary Tillerson has expressed his concerns, as has Secretary Mattis, and I imagine many other government officials having those conversations with Pakistan,” Nauert said

She further said that the money suspended now, will not be remained suspended forever. But for that, the Pakistan need to takes some decisive actions.

“Pakistan has the ability to get this money back, in the future, but they have to take decisive action. They have to take decisive steps,” she added. “People have long asked, why don’t you do more about Pakistan, and I think this sort of answers that question. Obviously, Pakistan is important, an important relationship to the U.S., because together we can work hard to combat terrorism. Perhaps no other country has suffered more from terrorism than Pakistan and many other countries in that part of the region,” she said.

“They understand that, but still they aren’t taking the steps that they need to take in order to fight terrorism,” she added.

Pakistan Response:

Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Thursday alleged that U.S. President is “talking in the language of India” and the allegations made by them is totally opposite to the real facts.

“Trump was speaking in the language of India. The statements from the U.S. leaders are contrary to the facts,” Mr. Asif said.

He also said that Pakistan were never dependent on the US and they hardly care for the suspended money.

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US: Suspended over $1.1 bn Security Assistance to Pakistan

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